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Youtube has become ubiquitous

I’ve just come to realization that my shift to consuming less social media content has been relatively easy mostly because I replaced it with the Youtube feed. I’ve been discarding this thought for quite some time, and now I just have to admit it. Youtube is becoming a new addiction.

Whenever I feel bored, lonely or need something to watch while eating, Youtube is the place to go to. And it’s been there for such a long time that these days I open it simply by default not only when I have nothing to do but also when my mind is seeking some place to hide and procrastinate. Basically it’s functioning the same way as Instagram or Facebook bulding a solid foundation for my impusive and uncontrolled consumption of content.

Having a Youtube Premium subscription doesn’t help here at all. It’s clearing out the way toward watching videos without any interruptions and keeps me in a comfortable ecosystem with Youtube Music.

Can Youtube be as harmful as traditional social media then? Seems like it can.

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