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Why you must not stay out of politics

There’re lots of people who claim that they stay out of politics, that politics is dirty and they have more important business than this nonsense of voting.

You can only be out of politics in two cases: if you live on a desert island or are not very good at logic. When you say that «I am staying out of politics», it’s better to verbalize the whole truth saying honestly, «I do not care about my future and the future of my people, I voluntarily refuse to participate in the life of my country». By refusing to participate in politics, you delegate your power to people who may turn out to be far less conscientious than yourself.

You cannot be out of politics because you use the infrastructure, pay taxes, get a pension, use public transport, post on Instagram and Facebook. All this is determined by the policies implemented by the government. Yes, posts on social media and communication in general also involve politics to some extent because it is the government that guarantees or at least should guarantee freedom of speech.

I also come across people who believe that «politics is a dirty business». This is false. Politics itself is neutral. Policies implemented specifically by someone else can be «dirty». If so, then the obvious question is if you believe that your government’s policies are nasty and dirty, why aren’t you taking any action to change it for the better? Inaction legitimises the current policies and all the crimes committed by the government. By ignoring the criminal policies, you yourself become an accomplice of the crime.

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