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Some thoughts about growth

Someone recently asked me if I'm satisfied with where I'm at in life now that I've turned 30. It's the kind of question that makes you stop and think, right? And as I was thinking about that, my mind wandered to the lawsuits some big tech such as Apple's caught up in these days.

Constant battles between corporations and government are a bit sad. Not because I'm some die-hard Apple fan or anything (although I am I guess), but because of the whole obsession with constant growth. It's like this relentless drive that sucks everyone in.

Think about craftsmen. They pour their hearts into creating stuff that lasts. But with tech, it's different. Take any old Apple laptop or phone, for example. They function just fine even after many years of everyday use. Sure, they are slower compared to newer models, but they still gets the job done. And that's pretty awesome. Yet, Apple isn't thrilled about it. They'd rather have me upgrading every couple of years.

But here's the thing: it's impossible keep growing forever. At some point, people will slow down on buying new gadgets. So what does Apple do? They pivot to services like music, movies, and fitness. But even those have limits. It's like this never-ending chase.

And it's not just Apple—it's a problem with big companies in general. They can't stop. They're public companies. If they're not growing enough it means they're failing. They're so fixated on getting bigger and bigger that they lose sight of what really matters.

We're all part of the problem. We celebrate when a business hits some crazy milestone, but we don't stop to think about what that really means. We're too caught up in this idea that more is always better.

But maybe it's time to shift our perspective. Maybe success isn't about constant expansion. Maybe it's about finding that sweet spot where you're happy with what you've got. As I look ahead, that's what I'm aiming for – not endless growth, but a life that's fulfilling on its own terms.

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