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Social media created too many rules

Noticing how traditional social media is tightening the screws, creating more and more regulations and boundaries.

I. They prioritize profits over functionality.

You can't be sure you'll see everything that people you decided to follow are posting. Algorithms embedded into feeds are designed to keep you engaged and increase your screen time to sell more ads and earn more money.

You can't be sure your subscribers will see everything you posted for the same reason. Often, creators with huge audiences reach only a small percentage of their subscribers because the platform decides so.

II. They decide if your content is okay.

Ghost banning and content governance are common occurrences. If you post frequently about war or politics, there's a high chance they'll limit your reach just because they can. If you post infrequently, they'll restrict your reach, forcing and teaching you to post regularly just because they want you to stay online.

III. They hide very expensive fees.

Nothing is actually free. Most platforms lock content behind registration walls and won't allow you to access it if you're not signed in. The so-called registration walls are in place to ensure you won't get anything for free. Personal data comes first.

In addition, they harm our ability to stay focused.

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