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Should I share my plans in such detail?

"The worst thing a writer can do is talk about their work." These are allegedly Hemingway's words. I don't know if he really said that, but there is some truth and sense in it. When you have a plan, some intentions are important to you, and if you talk about it in detail, the brain will interpret these words as the implementation of these plans, and the energy for this will be depleted.

In fact, I have noticed several times such situations when I want to do something in the future, I share it with someone, and then when I come home, for some reason I no longer have the energy to do it. In other words, I feel like I cheated myself a little bit. In the morning, I am motivated and enthusiastic about my plan to study SQL, but in the evening I don't have enough motivation to listen to lectures and do exercises.

Of course, in general, it is worth sharing plans. This is not about a jinx or something. However, it is probably necessary to share them more succinctly in order to keep the energy at the necessary level for the implementation of the planned things. As they say, don't say hop until you jump.

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