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On simplicity, minimalism and stress

As I strive for a more simple life, I'm learning that minimalism isn't just about tidying up my place and organizing my possessions. It's a journey that starts from the inside and goes way beyond decluttering.

Sure, when people talk about minimalism, they often begin by cleaning out their closets. It's like trying to make your garden look perfect for your neighbours to envy. But in my opinion, that's only scratching the surface.

Our external mess is often a reflection of what's going on inside us. It's not just about having fewer things; it's about figuring out why we end up with so much stuff in the first place. So, instead of asking, "How can I get rid of things?" it's more like, "Why is everything so chaotic? Why do things tend to pile up?"

The biggest contributor to this endless cluttering is stress. When life gets overwhelming, I fight it by distracting myself – whether it's reading, watching videos, or buying things. It's like a temporary escape until I can handle the stress. But when that stress eases up, I'm left with a ton of things I didn't really need, setting me back in my quest for a simpler life.

So, minimalism is not just about tossing out old shoes or organizing your bookshelf. It's about understanding why you accumulate stuff in the first place, especially when life gets crazy. It's about finding balance from the inside out and making choices that truly reflect what matters to you.

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