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Just admit that you don't know something. It's fine.

Noticed that many people, especially in the corporate world, do not answer "I don't know" to questions which they have no idea about. In the same way, they do not clearly answer any questions if the answer carries something that is considered somewhat negative.

During 7+ years of work for an international team, in corporate, I realized that folks not knowing the answer will often try to avoid it. Same applies if the answer is not entirely desirable. And instead, they will find detours, ambiguous expressions, express uncertainty about some external factors. It will come to the point that they will answer off-topic, hoping that no one will clarify their words after their endlessly long tirade.

In short, these guys tend to do do everything not to answer the question of, say, "How did our marketing work do last year?" with a simple yet honest "Oh, the it was a complete shit, and I don't know what the reason is."

On the one hand, I understand the motive. They practice the so-called growth mindset, i.e. always keeping a positive perspective in front of you, be an optimist, etc. On the other hand, these situations are real fuckery, a lack of courage to admit that at the moment there is no specific understanding or the answer is not very comforting. Instead, they avoid being not aware of something, as if they are worried it would somehow harm their image. In my opinion, such behavior is anything but a growth mindset, and such a habit has long since destroyed the personal brand. It's ok to not know stuff.

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