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Embrace our own flaws to better understand others

There are times when we are getting annoyed by someone’s weaknesses. A friend can be unable to quit unhealthy relationship, which is driving you crazy. Relatives can be toxic enough to make you cry. A girlfriend can lack energy and resilience to work under pressure and uncertainty. A classmate’s mind can be taken over by propaganda.

These things might make us feel angry and powerless. When feeling that way, it’s super hard to avoid blaming these people and stay away from offering unsolicited advice. 99% chance the advice will not work. On the contrary, this would only drain our energy and make it worse for everybody.

I believe the root of the problem here is actually in ourselves struggling to accept our own weaknesses in the first place. If unable to accept and appreciate ourselves to the full extent, we do the same to the others. If we’re intolerant to our own vulnerabilities, we’re treating everyone else alike.

The solution is nothing but to first embrace all that we are. By embracing our own weaknesses we will learn how to fully accept others — and actually help them instead of expressing our irritation or even anger.

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