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Blog as a way of communication


For some time now, I have been carrying the idea of moving away from the model of social life on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. They hurt my ability to concentrate. So, I want to switch to a more productive setup. But how do you increase your attention span while satisfying your desire to socialize?

Traditional platforms are destroying our focus

Social media destroys concentration and undermines the ability to speak precise language or nuance ideas. By their very nature, they push for shorter, more abrupt, often imprecise communication, constantly changing contexts and moods, and force engagement as often as possible.

Compare these qualities with, for example, a blog, article or book. These media are constructed in such a way that the reader remains interested for a long time. Here, the content is usually more lengthy, which creates good conditions for a longer immersion into ideas and thoughts. At the same time, the author is able to reproduce the subtlest nuances and becomes more inclined to think slowly to find the best way to share his worldview with the audience.

This contrasts with short social platforms, which, for the sake of greater reach, promote posts that provoke outrage among readers and endless angry messages between various participants. In addition, the amount of attention required to read or view a conditional tweet is microscopically small compared to, for example, reading a blog post or studying an article. So, it is very likely that the typical social media user will have an increasingly weak attention span.

A platform for increasing concentration of attention

When it comes to increasing attention span, you need to keep readers engaged with the material for as long as possible. Increasing their attention span will mean they will understand what they read better and be better equipped to learn new things in the future.

I am in favor of a way of communication through blogs. It can be interesting, useful and fun, while improving concentration and writing skills. We can interact by reading and responding to each other's blog posts or through direct feedback. I'm sure it will contribute to better connections, bringing people together no worse than social networks.

By the way, I already have a great example of a cool blog among my close circle. My friend Anya runs an interesting Telegram channel about fashion, events, books and cafes. This blog clearly demonstrates the benefits of thoughtful content. Anya's posts slow down the interaction between author and readers, making the interaction more meaningful and deep, while keeping attention spans at a healthy level.

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