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About dopamine

I got several interesting — yet, perhaps, somewhat trivial — insights after reading Dopamine Nation by Anna Lembke.

  1. Experiencing pain is necessary to live sustainably. Facing difficulties is paramount to finding a balance between pleasure and pain, which, in turn, allows to feel pleasure in its full capacity.
  2. Hedonistic behavior, avoiding pain and constant craving to receiving pleasure will eventually put you in a position when, quite ironically, nothing will be bringning pleasure anymore.
  3. Theoretically, it is possible that practicing full honesty would stimulate the part of brain responsible for decision-making, emotional regulation, planning of future and other vital processes.

Basically, my idea to sticking to some rules is aimed at stopping myself from impulsive generation of dopamine. Avoiding difficulties and hiding from pain has nothing to do with fighting the cause of the negative feelings.

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